April 5, 2015

GarageBand Project Templates: The Right Way

I’ve seen a ton of articles that promise to show you how to make GarageBand templates. However, the end results do not actually function the same way native GarageBand templates do.

Here is how you can make GarageBand project templates THE RIGHT WAY…

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 3.36.28 AM


1. Before you begin, make sure you completely quit Garage Band!

2. First, make a .band document that contains all of the tracks and presets you want to use for your template

3. Save your file and name it whatever you would like your template name to be

4. Go to /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/Resources/Project Templates/NewProject

5. Create a folder titled “_archive”

6. Place all of existing templates in the “NewProject” folder into the “_archive” folder

7. Put your custom template into the “NewProject” folder

Now, you can technically end here. Just re-open GarageBand and enjoy. However, if you want a nicer icon for your template, continue reading…

8. With GarageBand still closed, right click your template

9. Click “show package contents”

10. Open the “contents” folder

11. Create a new folder in the “contents” folder called ”Resources” (with a capital R)

12. Create a .tif file titled “template.tif” which contains the icon you would like to use for your template or, use one of the existing Garageband icons (make sure to rename them “template.tif”).

13. Place “template.tif” into the newly created “Resources” folder

14. Open Garage Band and you’re all set!