March 1, 2014

Design & Family

As a kid, I stayed home often; experimenting with the Adobe suite, HTML and CSS. My friends had no idea why I cared so much about this stuff. My coworkers were either bagging groceries or selling fries. I felt on the outside. My parents saw potential.

After hours and hours at my computer, I would label my work “complete”. Until I showed it to my parents. Each time, to my surprise, my work would come undone. Not in a bad way either. Instead, my perspective would shift. There were questions asked of me that I didn’t have answers to. I began realizing that what I was doing needed justification. I started answering these questions, diving back into the design, and creating stronger work.

My sister carries another perspective. She is a Human Resource Manager for a technology company. Last week, we spoke for hours about design, technology and how it effects the organization. I provided her with perspective of that it’s like “on the ground” building products. She provided me with her perspective of what happens “at the top”. We both left with a sense of purpose and perspective.

For better or worse, my family are honest people. I come to them with “finished” work and always gain new perspective.

Their feedback that helped me think of how my designs sit on a commercial scale.

They expose how the person using my design might feel using it.

They inspire me to keep doing what I do.

I hope your family does the same. I encourage you to reach out to them the next time you’re stuck with your work. What you learn might surprise you.

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Lauren.